Why Print-on-Demand is the right solution for you

If you don’t have an agent, and your last name isn’t Trump or Kardashian, you are going to have a devil of a time finding a publisher for your book. It’s all but impossible for unknown authors to get even a letter of rejection from an established publishing house, let alone a contract and an advance.

Even if you are able to find a boutique publisher, once the initial printing run is done your book will soon become out-of-print—and there are no revenues from used books changing hands on ebay and amazon.

If your book is POD, it never goes out of print. If it gains some measure of popularity, the revenue stream is permanent. And the marketing of your book is limited only by your ambition.

After Arjuna’s Arrow small share of the revenue, you can expect to get around $2.50 - $3.00 per for a book priced at $10.

You can spin your wheels composing query letters and sending book samples with SASE if you like. Unless your book is that one-in-a-million unicorn, your experience will be no different than other first-time authors. Concentrate on your writing and let us handle the grunt work. Let Arjuna’s Arrow get your book up on amazon and selling in weeks.