What is Print-on-Demand (POD)?

Just as the name implies, a POD book is printed at the time it is ordered, i.e., upon its demand. It exists in software that is available to numerous printing houses that print, bind and ship the book as soon as an order is received for it on amazon or another online bookseller.

All copies of the book are identical. The specs for the book are part of its software image.

POD books are indistinguishable from traditional paperback books. Book size options range from 4” x 6” to 8.5” x 11.69”. Custom sizes can limit the distribution options for your book, which is why we recommend using any of the 12 industry standard sizes (ranging from 5” x 8” to 8.5” x 11” for B&W books). You have a choice between white or cream paper. Covers are full-color.

You can also elect to have an e-book version of your POD book.

Your book listing on amazon will look no different than any other listing. It will have images of the book cover as well as the “look-inside” feature that shows the title and copyright pages, table-of-contents page, and an arbitrary selection of inner pages.