Euphemisms Poster

Q: When is a block not a block?

A: When it's a "concrete manipulative."

Are you fed up with the constant bombardment of euphemisms and jargon?

Had enough of agenda-driven double-talk from the left and the right such as “extraordinary rendition,” “affirmative action” and “Holiday tree”? 

Why not take a stand against this abuse of the English language by proudly displaying the new “Euphemisms” poster in your office alongside your professional diplomas and certificates? 

Underneath the timeless quote from Confucius regarding the importance of plain speaking, tastefully blended into the background texture, are 57 euphemisms from  education, the legal system, the military, behavioral science, and everyone’s favorite: political correctness.

"Euphemisms”   2010 © Arjunas Arrow Publishing  All Rights Reserved